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Technological Impact Assessment

Technological impact assessment

The development of new energy  technologies is taking  place within a complex environment with numerous framework conditions involving technical, economic, ecological  and  energy policy aspects. Therefore  a condition for a successful market  launch  is a preparatory and accompanying analysis of these  relationships. New energy  technologies and  systems  need to undergo continued comprehensive assessments in order  to ascertain opportunities and  risks, detect possible  undesired developments early on, and  develop alternative solution  approaches.

At the same  time,  aspects such as the liberalisa tion and  globalisation of the energy  markets and the rules set by international climate protection policy need to be taken  into account. System analyses provide  a scientifically sound, reliable basis for decisions  made in politics, the industry, and society so that  the effects of new technologies can be assessed  quickly and comprehensively. System analysis and  technological impact assessment are therefore integral parts  of the research strategy at the Renewable Energy Research Association.

Research requirements

 •   Technological and  economic utilisation analyses to determine the best  systems  and their application potentials
•   Life cycle analyses and  ecological  assessments
•   System analyses for individual technologies to accompany research with improved technology foresight procedures
•   Environmental and  system  analyses to support research planning and  follow-ups
•   Model calculations and  scenarios  for future energy  supply  systems
•   Development of market  launch  and  market penetration strategies with consideration of different  geographical and  chronological aspects and  a derivation of recommendations for action  in political consultancy
•   Conceptional work to improve the integration and  assessment of technologies from the point  of view of sustainability
•   Methodical approaches to further  development of subsidy  instruments close to the political process



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