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Research Objectives (2008)

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Updated issue in German: "Forschungsziele 2014"


Energy Concept 2050 for Germany with a European and Global Perspective (2010)
A vision for a sustainable Energy Concept based on energy efficiency and 100% renewable energy  
In this Energy Concept, an energy scenario ispresented which is based on a significantlymore efficient use of energy resources, and forall residual energy to be supplied by renewableenergy. The scenario has many advantages:there is enough potential available in Germany,Europe and in neighbouring countries, the operating risks of renewable energy are low,and the scenario is sustainable, as renewableenergy is always available.The following shows how such a system ofenergy supply, distribution and consumption,based on 100% renewable energy, would look and how it can function in 2050, how a highdegree of supply security can be guaranteed,and for such a system to be cost-effective.


Research for global markets for renewable energy (2009)
Megatrends such as global population growth, the development of industrialised societies in developing and emerging countries, and the increased mobility of people, goods and knowledge are the main factors that will influence energy requirements in the future. The most important limitation on these developments is the durability of ecological systems. A paradigm shift is necessary if a balance between growth and sustainability is to be found in the future. A wide range of challenges are associated with the transformation of the energy system and the emerging global markets for renewable energies; these challenges also have to be met by science and research policy if Germany is to retain its position as a technological leader in international comparison.


Science Forum (2004) - A Knowledgeable Strategy for the Dissemination of Renewable Energies
The renewables2004 – the International Conference for Renewable Energies was held in June 2004 in Bonn, Germany, and turned out to be a forum for stakeholders from all sectors: Governments as well as parliamentarians, the private sector, NGOs, International Organisations, and International Financial Institutions. This multisectoral approach to the dissemination of renewables was completed by the Science Forum – Education, Research, and Training: Basis for Wide-spread Deployment of Renewable Energies. This side-event brought together scientists and practitioners from allover the world, discussing the future requirements of research and development as well as needs and potentials of education and training for renewables in developing and industrialized countries.


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